aropsossam-deactivated20140306 asked:

How is the illustration dept. at RISD?

I actually don’t have any firsthand experience with the department since I’m still a Foundation year student, but my intended major is Illustration, so I can tell you what I know from hearsay and research haha

RISD’s illustration department has produced an impressive list of artists such as Jon Foster, Shepard Fairey, and Brian Konietzko, so I’m pretty confident in the structure of its curriculum. It’s a generally flexible major with a manageable workload (at least relative to Foundation year and the other majors RISD offers). I mean flexible in that you can pretty much break all boundaries between what is or what is not considered illustration. 

I recently went to the illustration open studio where the juniors and seniors showcased their work in their personal studio spaces, and it was amazing. Most of the students seem to have a very strong grasp of foundational skills (lighting, anatomy, etc.), and I also saw a broad range of styles and ideas being developed; this is a key thing to note since with some schools you run into the problem of only one style being taught to the entire major. RISD allows students to discover and foster their own style, which, at least for me, was a selling point in attending the school.

Aaaaand we get a shiny new building so that’s always a plus. The ISB is being expanded to allow for more personal studio space, facilities, classrooms, computer labs, etc.Take a look!:

That’s it in a nutshell I guess! If there’s something you’re specifically wondering about, let me know. I’ll try my best to answer :)